Your 21-Day Yoga Program for Better Balance, Fitness, Strength and Independence

21 Days of yoga

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Do you identify with any of the following health problems?

• You have trouble sleeping soundly.
• Your balance is a real issue, and you frequently worry about falling.
• Your joints, muscles and lower back are constantly aching.
• You are overweight or obese.
• You don’t have the strength to accomplish normal, everyday tasks.
• You tire easily.
• You always feel “worn down.”
• You never feel relaxed.
• You suffer from high blood pressure.
• You long for better mobility and independence.
• You suffer from osteoporosis, or some other “weak bone” disease.
• You feel like much older than you actually are.

Whether you are 18 or 80, if one or more of the above conditions are present in your life, yoga can help.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, significant research has been conducted to see if yoga has any positive or negative affect on the health of men and women over 40 years of age.

The results of those studies, time and again, are nothing less than astounding.

• The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has reported that yoga and meditation, coupled with a smart diet, can help prevent heart disease. Not only does yoga, smart nutrition and meditation help prevent a number of heart diseases, but those practices can actually reverse heart disease as well.

Need more proof about how powerful yoga can be to transform your life, delivering independence, strength, balance and a better standard of living?

• Amy Wheeler is a Professor of Yoga at California State University in the United States. She often preaches how yoga helps to lower high blood pressure. Incredibly, she says it can even reduce your independence on medication if hypertension is a problem.

Her claims are backed up by multiple studies from reliable health and fitness organizations.

• The Lancet is a British Medical Journal that has also released research linking yoga with a healthy blood pressure. A group of hypertension sufferers performed the Savasana yoga pose (Corpse Pose) every day for 3 months.

• That test group enjoyed an average drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) by an incredible 26 points. They also dropped their diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by a full 15 points. Additionally, those who suffered higher blood pressure numbers enjoyed bigger, healthier drops in both their systolic and diastolic numbers.

Better balance, more strength and a healthy heart are far from the only benefits yoga offers.

The following are just a few of the many documented health advantages you receive when you practice yoga regularly.

• You regulate healthy cortisol levels. Cortisol is referred to as the “stress hormone”, which means that yoga helps fight depression, stress and anxiety.

• You experience less back pain and a lower risk of contracting arthritis.

• Your posture improves. Your stature, balance, flexibility and mobility all benefit from this.

• Your joints, bones and cartilage are stronger. This reduces your risk of injury from physical activity, and bone breakage.

• You improve the strength of your spinal disks. Movement is the only way your spinal disks receive their nutrients.

• Your circulation improves dramatically. Swelling in your legs, many heart and kidney problems, and other debilitating physical conditions are caused by poor circulation. Yoga helps pump healthy blood and oxygen to every part of your body.

• Your immunity system becomes stronger. When you stretch, contract and move your body through different yoga postures, you strengthen your lymphatic system. This improves your ability to fight infection and sickness, repel cancer cells, and dispose of toxic waste.

• You find that you are happier more often. Richard Davidson, Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, showed heightened activity in the part of your brain that is correlated with higher levels of happiness when you perform yoga.

• You regulate a healthy blood sugar level. Yoga somehow lowers your bad cholesterol level and raises the amount of good cholesterol in your body.

• Your brain is sharper. Research shows that yoga improves your memory, reaction time, coordination and even your IQ.

• You sleep better. As a stress reliever and form of exercise, yoga promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Thanks to yoga’s many benefits, your self-esteem skyrockets. You feel independent, with a conscious knowledge that you can do the things you want to do every day. A sense of inner strength and confidence also accompanies the multiple mental and physical benefits we just discussed.

Those who stay consistent with their yoga practice even claim that beating addictions like smoking or drinking was finally possible, after years or even decades of trying and failing.

Don’t you deserve to possess the strength and balance you had when you were younger?

Shouldn’t you have a feeling of self-confidence, mobility and independence?

Don’t you want to “feel good” and alert, look young and healthy, and start enjoying life again rather than being scared of the aging process?

All of those rewards are possible when you get my 21 Days of Yoga program.

21 Days of yoga

Get this entire program for just $14.97.

With this potentially life-changing program, you learn the following:

• The many health benefits of yoga (Chapter 1)

• What sun salutations are, and why they are so important for your health (Chapter 5)

• Exactly what to do, and how to prepare, for the first 7 days of your yoga challenge (Chapter 3)

• Why yoga is not just for fit 20 somethings anymore (Introduction)

• How to perfectly perform simple yoga poses that can positively transform your life in so many ways (Chapters 3, 4 and 5)

• That yoga can actually help you lose weight (Chapter 1)

• Safety tips before starting your yoga practice (Chapter 2)

• What to do in week 2 of your 3 week yoga challenge to deliver the most benefits (Chapter 4)

• A 21-day yoga routine for better balance, flexibility, strength and mobility (Chapter 3)

• That just 15 minutes of yoga each day for 3 weeks can turn your life around (Introduction)

Simply put, you can change your life for the better, mentally, physically and emotionally, in just 21 days.

21 Days of Yoga can truly deliver so many incredible health benefits, and you get instant access through a digital download that includes:

• 21-Day Yoga Program
• Four Posters of Illustrated Yoga Poses for Handy Reference
  • Tracking Form to Use to Journal Your 21 Days of Yoga Experiences

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Just think…3 weeks from right now you can be just as you are this very instant.

Or you can take charge of your life, create balance, strength, better health, mobility and independence in just 21 days.

The choice is yours.

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